From Team Florida

Sometimes missions work means you get a little wet. Tropical rains fell again today as we resumed our task of cleaning up debris from the yard of Chief Kelly of the Mexico Beach Police Department. With scattered light showers in the morning we made good progress in several inches of mud and water moving large and small pieces of two work sheds and a wide range of other material that ended up in his yard. We filled the bed of a pickup truck many times in his back yard and dumped the loads by the street to be picked up later.

We took a break for lunch and stopped by the Emergency Operations Center in Lynn Haven and met with a possible contact for identifying other needs in the community where we might minister.
Arriving back at the Chief’s house after lunch the rain was coming down harder and there were large puddles of ankle deep water in his yard so we had to stop for the day. Please pray for better weather tomorrow so we can continue our work and pray for God to open the next door for us to serve Him and minister to these people in need of help now.
John Harrell

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