Update from the Bolingers in Japan

Hello thank you for praying, We have a Thanksgiving outreach on Saturday the 24th. Pray the people we invite would be moved to come. Pray for Rumiko Ichikawa who through our conversation heard the gospel and was very surprised at the myths she has heard and how simple the true pure gospel is. There is a wall of religion in Japan. On one side are millions upon millions who want to scale the wall and have a relationship with God or any god for that matter. Japanese are religious faithful and honoring to the rites. But the wall of religion keeps the masses out. Even when presenting Christ’s personal salvation apart from religion they still can only see their inability to climb the wall of religion. That wall is climbed only by a few and even those who claim Christianity as their religion of choice they make it difficult for others to get over the wall. I am struggling to get the idea into their head that Jesus has broken down every wall and has made a way through faith in His grace to be at peace with God. The Japanese are brainwashed from birth to slave for the gods to gain favor. They can not understand that they have favor with the One true God based upon the work of Jesus and on the fact that HE God the Father loves each one intimately. Truly the work of the gospel is a spiritual battle. Their eyes are shut and the darkness and noise of religion make them deaf in the plethora of millions of gods. This kind can only come out but by prayer and fasting. Join me in praying for the souls of the Japanese people who do want God but are unable to believe.

2-3-18 Toyooka Iruma, Saitama, Japan 358-0003

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