Ives Family Update

Praise Reports
– God provided for us to spend Christmas in CA with our family and friends!
– Hannah is doing great in dance! She is preparing for her Beauty and Beast play in April where she is excited to be a spoon!
– Josiah received his orange belt in karate this month!
– God answered prayer with guidance for ministering to my students through the Life Lessons that I share with them each week.

Prayer Request
– That God would provide for all of our financial needs and that we would continue to rest and trust in Him while we wait for His provision.
– For the end of the semester celebrations where I have the chance to talk more with the students about Jesus.
– That God would continue to speak to my student Victor (and other students that I’ve been able to talk to) and that they would give their lives to Jesus.
– That God would help us to start a consistent CRU Bible study at the university where students from every part of the university attend.
– That God would continue to use us to raise up leaders for the home groups in our church.

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