Prayer request from Pastor Dan and Mihoko in Japan.

Hello everyone thank you for taking time to read and pray. It’s the end of the year in Japan and everyone likes to party. So we have a few for different folks coming over. Next Sunday I was invited to another language schools Christmas party to be their token English speaker. I agreed to go and ask for prayer to be a witness for Christ. Pray that the kids will enjoy the Christmas story. Pray for Jane and Rachel who are throwing parties with friends respectively. Also the Church will have a Carolling outreach on the 23rd. Pray all sings well. Pray for a Pre-New Year party where we invited a mix of Christian and non-Christian people. Pray for our health. Pray for Mr. Toomi who has stage 4 cancer for his salvation, healing and peace. Pray for revival and the salvation of many in Japan. So many are lonely and hurting. Pray that the light of the gospel will shine into their hearts to awaken their deal souls to a life in the eternal realm. God bless you all.

Thanks you,
Dan and Mihoko

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