Praise report from Pastor Majok at Calvary Chapel Naluko

We want to thank God for your prayers I have seen God answering them and I want to say thank you to every one.
I remember towards the end of last year around November I put up a prayer request asking you all to pray for my neighbor who had been resisting Jesus for some time, and was practicing witchcraft. One day his son came to me and said his father wanted to talk to me. When I reached he told me, “Pastor I want to get saved accept Christ as my personal lord and savior.” We thank God for that those were the prayers we prayed and He answered.

After a short while he fell terribly sick but it happened that Sherill and Mike Sedillo were around so we took him to the hospital. The doctors didn’t have so much to do cause he was found with one kidney and it was failing. After a few weeks he went to be with our heavenly father. At his death there was a struggle because the relatives wanted the Catholic Church to do the funeral service and the witch doctors also wanted to take over the service. The Catholic Church refused to do a funeral service for a witch doctor. But Later they came to us( Calvary Chapel Naluko) and asked us to do the service, thinking we would refuse. We accepted and did the service. We had over 400 mourners who came to church plus some witch doctors. It was such an opportunity for us as a church to encourage the friends that came and family members. We shared with them the good news . I want to thank everyone for praying for us, may God bless you all.

Thanks.Majok Abraham

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