Calvary Chapel Midigo Prayer Requests

Pastor Charles Jjagwe (Midigo, Uganda)-

  • Fruitful visit of the CCWG and FCBH teams to Midigo. Also God’s protection upon the team against diseases and accidents
  • Protection upon the Church and Provision for her needs
  • Wisdom and God’s leading among the Leaders. Also God to give us vision for the year 2019
  • Salvation of souls in the Evangelism week from Mid- January 2019. We shall conduct door to door evangelism in our communities.
  • Peace in our country (Uganda). There is increasing kidnaps of people, murders and robberies
  • Control of Ebola infection. There are have been cases of Ebola disease along Uganda – Congo boarder in Western Uganda
  • Provision for the Children construction. This will need $34,000.00

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