Prayer for Bolinger Family

Bolinger Family (Japan)-

  • Pray for us as Mihoko and Nathan will return to California 1/9 and will have a low key visit as in taking care of personal business.
  • Nathan will be taking the driving exam on the 22nd. Pray he remembers everything and passes. Mihoko will be asking questions at Universities about health care as Rachel will graduate H.S. in June, and is planning to attend Univ in So. Cal. She is post-transplant and we want her to be seen by a great doc. But the expense is incredible so we need prayer to find her affordable insurance and a great doc.
  • Pray for me Dan here in Japan as I’ll be taking over all the studies and teaching semi bilingually. This includes Mihoko’s Women’s Bible study group at the kids school.
  • Pray for our meals as we will try to share the responsibility of cooking. The girls Rachel and Jane are easy but can be picky with dads “throw everything in the pan and friy something” method.
  • Pray for Toomi san as he has stage 4 cancer and wants to receive Jesus but he feels he as to settle accounts with family prior to coming to Christ.
  • Pray for Yamashita San who can’t receive Christ until he retires because he has to lie at work.

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