Updated Prayer Requests for Cal and Jessie Stuebner

Cal and Jessie Stuebner

  • Please pray for Jessie’s Biology class as they are currently working through a unit about evolution from an apologetic standpoint. Please pray that it impacts the students’ faith.
  • Also, next week her school celebrates Spiritual Emphasis Day; it’s an annual event where classes are canceled for the day, and instead, students attend worship sessions and workshops designed to grow their relationships with God. Please pray for God to move mightily on that day (next Friday).
  • Please pray for Cal to have wisdom as he leads and as he teaches through the book of Revelation on Sundays.
  • Please pray for our health and marriage to stay strong.
  • Please pray for God to meet several specific personal needs/desires for us.

Calvary Chapel Managua

  • We have begun enrolling students for the new school year which begins in February. We are praying for at least 60 students. This year is a fresh start for the school with a different program and new teachers, and we really want to share the love of Jesus and the Gospel. Please pray that we can do this in a way that glorifies God.
  • Please pray for God to raise up instrumentalists for our worship team.
  • Please pray for God to continue to provide the funds needed to support the school.
  • Please pray for Nicaragua as many are still suffering from the political turmoil and resulting economic crisis.
  • Please pray for Doña Rebeca (Gustavo’s mom). She has been in the hospital for a week now after a stroke combined with a case of pneumonia.

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