Bolinger Prayer Request

Hello everyone, Thank you for praying. Our daughter Rachel who had the heart transplant caught the flu this last week. A fever for a day or two is normal but at day 3 her fever has spiked to 38.9 (102.2). It is dangerous because we had to lessen her immuno suppressant drugs in order for the flu meds to be effective and to build up her immune system. So we took her off Cellcept two days ago and lowered her prograf (tac). If her fever starts to climb more it can mean hospital time. Mihoko is in the states until Feb 6th. Pray for me to have wisdom and for Rachel’s fever to go away. Pray for Jane who has a bruised brain after a fireman move in wrestling practice had her being slammed on her head. We spent time at the hospital having a CT done. There is no damage but the slight headache and some dizziness still linger when standing up too fast. Jane seems to be doing better she cooked for me all day and even made scrumptious low carb Cauliflower tortillas with chicken fajitas. I am a blessed man. She even made a raspberry sorbet for dessert. Oh I can’t let her get married. Pray for Nathan who is taking his driving test on Tuesday. Pray he passes. Pray for my Japanese to improve as teaching the Bible has become the ultimate challenge in the Japanese language. It is forcing me to not go down rabbit trails as I won’t be able to translate my own ramblings. Pray I can carve out more time to study.

Thank you for praying.

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