Special Update from the Bolinger Family

Hello everyone,

22 years ago the brightest light came into my world, (next to Jesus Christ)… My first born son Caleb Joshua. We had 3 and 1/2 years with him full of Joy. It was revealed he had a heart disease and after treatment and two months of waiting for a heart transplant he went to be with the Lord. Our memories are funny things that can pop up and in some cases, overwhelm us.

Today, the 31st of January, is his birthday and my heart has been heavy with the "What if’s". It is part of the healing. There is joy in the fantasizing over how wonderful life would have been. I am not short changed, I am richer and more alive and excited about heaven than ever before in my life. Jesus is coming soon and I can’t wait for the massive reunion to take place.

Pray for God’s Holy Spirit to bless those who are hurting because of the loss of a loved one. I am not hurting. I am longing. Longing to touch that ruddy hair, listen to the sound of his voice, and hug his heavenly body that is perfect. Praise be to Jesus Christ who has given us an eternal hope that is secure in the heavenly places. The Buddhists fret with too many unknowns and ritual. We have the assurance of a Savior that is alive and gearing up for biggest rescue mission in the whole universe. Are you ready to ascend. Let’s descend on our knees and ask the Lord of the harvest "how much longer oh Lord?"

The Bolingers

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