Update from the Bolingers

Dan Bolinger

Sun, Feb 10, 11:10 PM (3 days ago)
to Dan, bcc: me

Staring out my bedroom window is a graveyard. Many of the graves are over 500 years old. A man catches my eye as he is busy at the wash basin. He fills a provided bucket with water and grabs a wooden ladle. He readies his incense sticks and checks for a lighter in his pocket. It’s very cold outside and he hurries to the graves. His family is one of the bigger ones. He sets the bucket and ladle down and puts the incense in his back pocket. Then the 70 or 80 year old bows with a great meaningful long bow. He bows to the middle for 30 seconds and then to the left for 30 and then to the right for 30. He then grabs the bucket and proceeds to wash the tomb stones of over 17 family members. There is a Buddhist idol in the mix. He then readies the incense and like a pack of sparklers they are ignited with the lighter from his pocket. Placing one stick per headstone there is soon a cloud of remembrance rising from the cold dead grave. He tidies up and stands back, bows to the family and then turns to the idol and with hands clapped together he again bows and mumbles inaudibly. I assume its a prayer. He then stands back and stares at the family that was once alive. What is he thinking? Does he really believe they can see and hear his works? Is he concerned that he’ll be joining them soon? Does he really wonder about eternal life? Most people don’t care. That’s right. Idolatry is cultural is familial. It’s what you do. There is no deep thought into the purpose it is just ritual. It clears the conscious mind from guilt and neglect of family. It is funny as I personally witness that many people care more for the dead than they do for the living. I have talked to many folks about these issues and it’s the same for most families. We need to pray for the Japanese and Americans and we need to warn them that idolatry is dangerous. It takes the place of God whom we should be worshiping. As in Adultery a lover replaces ones spouse so too in idolatry an inanimate object replaces God for intimacy. Oh may we never do that.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts and lives of the Japanese people convicting them of sin and pray for the church to have a revival by getting their eyes on Christ. Pray for Pastor Jonathan Wilson, skiing accident had him visit the hospital to reset his shoulder and then send him home. He is pretty banged up. I haven’t seen him or talked to him but just from Facebook have received third hand info. Pray for me Dan to get refocused. With Mihoko being in the states for the last 3 weeks has had me running around and getting out of sync with my normal routine. It’s good but I really need to get my head back in the routine. God bless and thank you for praying.

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