Prayer for the Stuebner Family

Hi All,

I have a new prayer request – for Jessie’s family. Her dad was just diagnosed with a myelodysplastic syndrome, which means that his body is no longer making blood cells. The only treatments are chemo or a bone marrow transplant (which also involves chemo), neither of which is guaranteed to be successful. At the age of 71, he has no interest in going through all that, so he is refusing any treatment except supportive therapy. His condition is currently assessed as moderate, giving him a projection of 3 years to live. Her mom, who is disabled, is now doing all the work to care for him and for her 10 year old niece whom they have custody of. We know she can’t do that indefinitely. Jessie says, "I am doing okay. I think I always knew my dad would die in his low to mid seventies. God has been preparing me for that for a number of years now; but my sister is not doing so well with the news, and they haven’t even told my brother yet, or my 10 year old niece. Please pray for my family. I want people to pray for peace for my family, and for wisdom, for comfort, and for as much time as possible with as little pain as possible."

With love in Christ,

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