Update & Requests from Don & Marta Patten

Thank you for praying, I have enjoyed a sweet reunion with Pastor Kefas, and it has been great to meet his wife Tina and their young two children. I have been healthy and able to adjust well here. The CC conference that was going to take place during my time here was switched to a later date in March because of the presidential election and the future election for the local governors. Since those dates were changed the decision was made not to have CC leaders traveling during the election times for the safety of those that would be traveling and so the leaders could vote.
I am helping Kefas prepare for the first group of former Muslims to come and live in his apartment and go through the discipleship school.
We are buying a stove with oven tomorrow.
I will travel this Thursday to Abuja and teach at the Sunday morning service of CC Abuja. Pastor Prince Lawrence will meet me at the airport and host me.
I will visit another CC pastor while I am there.
I return to Lagos March 7th and then I teach one more Sunday here before I leave on March 12.

Thank you for praying for us, pray for provision for Kefas and wisdom in overseeing the church and the discipleship school.
Pray for people to turn from political struggles to trust in Jesus.

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