Prayer for Pastor Dan Bolinger in Japan

Please pray for Pastor Dan.
Pastor Gary I Kusunoki

I could really use your prayers.
Thank you for praying. Please pray for my hip. It is either a pinched nerve or a lack of cartilage. I am going in for a second opinion. I can’t sleep, I can’t sit, I can’t stand. It’s just incredibly painful all the time. I went and saw a Dr. but She said it’s most likely a lack of cartilage in the hip socket because of my weight. I hurt my back before when I used to do garage doors and this is like that except in my hip not my back. I’m going for a second opinion at a larger hospital and hopefully they’ll do a CT scan or MRI to look more at the nerves than just x-rays. I am so tired from the lack of sleep. I have to change positions every few minutes due to pain. Pray for relief and for me to loose the weight. God bless you all.

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