Prayer for Dan Bolinger

Please pray for Dan as he is having a lot of pain in his hip. The pain makes it hard to sit, stand or sleep, so please pray for the Lord’s touch on him and quick healing. Here is his update:

Thank you for praying. Please pray for my hip. It is either a pinched nerve or a lack of cartilage. I am going in for a second opinion. I can’t sleep, I can’t sit, I can’t stand. It’s just incredibly painful all the time. I went and saw a Dr. but she said it’s most likely a lack of cartilage in the hip socket because I’m bigger. I hurt my back before when I used to do garage doors and this is like that except in my hip not my back. I’m going for a second opinion at a larger hospital and hopefully they’ll do a CT scan or MRI to look more at the nerves than just x-rays. I am so tired from the lack of sleep. I have to change positions every few minutes due to pain. Pray for relief and for me to loose the weight. God bless you all.

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