Bolinger Update

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for praying. We are planning our Easter events. Pray for God to bring many to hear the good news of our risen savior. This time in Japan is the fiscal year end. All schools end in March and the new year begins in April. It is a very busy time for everyone from kids studying for exams to businesses trying to close the books. National Tax day in Japan is March 15th. So we are praying for our students to remain as many quit during this time.

Pray for Mihoko as her shingles has flared up again. She received medicine and the pain is going away but she is still feeling fatigued.

I have hurt my back. My whole leg on the right side is in constant pain as well as my back and hip. Japan has socialized medicine so you have to play the procedural game to get farther along in the process. I’m hoping this Thursday they’ll finally do an MRI and find out what is really going on. I hurt my back from the heavy lifting of garage doors years ago and a motorcycle accident during the army too. Between the heart problem and the back problem I find it hard to move around but God’s grace is sufficient as I am still teaching the English classes and Bible studies. I haven’t gone to visit the homeless guys as my back problem prevents me from standing for very long. I have to sleep in a recliner and wake many times wincing in pain. The pain meds seem to be more muscular oriented than nerves.

Rachel is leaving for Thailand on a school trip. Pray for her safety and health. They will mostly be at a school doing construction projects. Pray for her to be wise about being in the sunshine and to not drink the water or eat any ice cubes. Pray for God to move in her heart to serve with excellence and to hear from the Lord anything he wants to tell her.

Pray for Kazue who is retiring from 40 years of government work. She will still be retained as a part time worker but she is wanting to go live in America and learn English better. Pray for Handa san who has been one of our most faithful attenders at Church. Pray for God to speak into his heart that there is much he can do to seek and save the lost. Pray for Ogino san’s daughter who is graduating from College and will transition into a regular job. This time is challenging to Christians as you are trying to build loyalty and trust and that is measured by how much time you spend at work. Many Christians who finish college also find their church life finished as well. Pray for the ministry to the Vietnamese workers. A lady in our church named Klowie has been giving them bread and ministering to them. Many are trying to get pregnant by Japanese businessmen in order to ensure staying here. But it doesn’t work like that. Pray for Tomio san whose had stage 4 cancer. He hasn’t been to church in a while.

Pray for the leading and continued filling of the Holy Spirit. Pray for the Lord to anoint our worship of Him. Pray for the messages to be flavored with His Grace and Mercy for all. Pray for greater opportunities to share the gospel with many. Pray for healing and rest for ourselves.

God bless,
Dan and Mihoko

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