Prayer Requests & Update from Mike & Sherill Sedillo

We are praising God for the work He did on behalf of Hearts 4 Africa in our last trip to Uganda. We went there with our ‘big plans’ on how to manage our difficulties with our African Board of Directors. God definitely took over as he set up a different meeting than we had planned. On the last weekday of our stay, the Friday before we were to leave on Sunday, He set up a meeting with the Executive Director of the NGO. He did this in spite of those on the board who were not cooperating with us and trying to avoid a ‘showdown’. In that meeting the Executive Director confronted our adversaries with specific charges of mismanagement and poor organization. He confronted them with the dishonesty they were engaging in and put them on the defensive without us having to do it. He also ordered them to return all of the equipment and money that had taken.

We are grateful and awed by Gods’ wisdom and His care for this ministry and we pray that He will see us through to the completion of this task to regain control of the board. Please keep us in prayer that we will accomplish this with His help.

Please pray for Sherill’s health, as it is always a concern because sometimes it has put her in jeopardy whilst traveling to do this work.

Please pray for Dr. Patrick Kabale, his wife Chero, and for Jimmy, the man who has been representing H4A for the last 5-6 years, as an attorney who we found out is not an attorney. Please pray for repentant and contrite hearts of these people so that we can be on good terms with them in the future.

Please pray for Pastor Abraham Majok who is the pastor of Calvary Chapel Naluko, the church on the hospital grounds. Please pray for his safety as he is surrounded by villagers who at some times may be working against him.

Please pray for the CCSJC team that will be going to Naluko later this month.

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