Missions Update from Uganda!

Hello everyone! We have wrapped up Day 6 of our 25 day trip here in Uganda! From the get go the Lord has been on the move!

We arrived safely in Uganda after a long but super smooth trip (36+ hours of travel). We got through check in, through security and through customs with no problems and the flights were awesome. We were all able to rest well both on the flights and the layover in Dubai. Once we arrived in Uganda we hit the ground running. The last few days have been days of prep for the East African Pastors and Wives Conference which is going on this week. On Sunday we also attended church at a local Calvary Chapel where Pastor John taught as a guest. It was a real blessing to worship in that fellowship and to be able to be mutually encouraged by the Word Pastor John shared and by the people and their love for Jesus (which was evident!)

Each morning for Team Devos we have been going through “We Would See Jesus” by Roy Hession. This time has really been awesome. It’s a great way for all of us to connect, pray together and encourage one another as we are all in this together! We have been able to spend some sweet time together as a team over meals and in fellowship and I can’t wait to see what the Lord will do over the next two weeks.

Today was the first day of the Pastors and Wives conference, and WOW! What a sweet day it was! Registration went well with only a few couples unable to make it due to either illness or travel issues (most of these couples are coming long distances, some by bus). It is so cool to see these pastors and their wives fellowshipping with one another and encouraging and praying for each other right off the bat! A few of us got to help with the little ones and they definitely stole our hearts! Pastor Gary taught the 1st session, we had a break and then Pastor John finished the day off with the 2nd session. There has already been great response to the Word that went forth and it’s only the 1st day! The conference will run through Friday with a few more main sessions, breakout sessions, panel discussions and fellowship time.

Here are a few ways you can be praying for the Conference this week:
– that the Lord would anoint the speakers to teach what He has placed on their hearts with boldness and truth
– that the Pastors and their wives would be refreshed and encouraged in their own personal walks with the Lord and in their relationships with each other as husband and wife
– for good health as a few of the conference attendees were not feeling well this afternoon
– for all to go smoothly and for the Lord to do as He pleases!
– that as they head back home on Friday, they will be able to return to their fellowships excited and with a fresh fullness of the Spirit to lead their flocks in both Word and in Truth!

As our trip is only just beginning here are some prayer requests for us as a team
– for health
– team unity! It’s been such a great trip so far, so please pray for continued unity as we serve together!
– safe travels between ministry locations and back home at the end of our trip
– for open doors to share the Gospel and be a light to all we come in contact with
– for safety in all of these ministry locations
– for us individually that we would allow the Lord to not only work through us, but first and foremost IN us.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and for following our journey as we are here in Uganda! We miss you all and are praying for you back home. More updates to come as we go! Here are some pictures from the conference today 🙂

– Kelli

2 thoughts on “Missions Update from Uganda!

  1. Keep up the Lords work. We will be praying in Dana Point for all of you. J and Mary , very nice to have updates.

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