Uganda blessings

This first week in Africa has been so satisfying in the Lord. My hope in coming was to see God’s heart for a people not my own. It took very little time to realize their sweet warmth and generosity. Getting to know these humble pastors and their wives melted my heart. It was a joy to make some forever friends. Having the added bonus of cuddling their little ones was more for me than them I think. I also loved seeing our girls from home with these little ones. What sweet mother’s hearts they have.

One morning John (my husband) was singing to himself while at the breakfast bar in the hotel “Worthy is the lamb that was slain” and it was immediately followed by a clear angelic voice from the kitchen “You bring all the glory”. We later asked one of the waitress if she was singing and she shyly told us she was singing to the Lord. She had no idea we had heard her.

Our God is so sweet to show us his heart for Africa with warm smiles, babies deep brown eyes and skin and a singing angel.

I wish I had come sooner.

Denise Harrell


Prayer requests from Pastor Gary and the team:

1. Tomorrow morning I am teaching at a conference of Christian military, police and prison officers. I’m told someone from the President’s office May be there. Pray that God gives me a clear word of encouragement and exhortation for these men and women

2. Pray for traveling mercies as we fly and then drive to Naluko where my son Majok pastors a new Calvary Chapel.

3. We have a busy week ahead of us so pray for strength for the team.

One thought on “Uganda blessings

  1. Delighted to hear such wonderful news of baptisms in many coming to the Lord … continuing to pray for you and your travels and God will sustain you in every situation. Praying for the beautiful people that you are ministering to

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