Update from John Harrell

> Today we wrapped up the four day Pastor’s and Wives Conference in Entebbe, Uganda. This annual conference allows over seventy pastor’s from the East Africa region to come together to be taught, to fellowship, and to be renewed and refreshed together with their wives. The ministry of Calvary Missions helps make this possible. My job was simply to fellowship with and encourage the men. I was truly blessed by how warmly our team was welcomed. For me, it is always hard to break the ice with strangers but as I took small steps to reach out to them, they took bolder steps to meet me and express their gratitude for our coming to fellowship with them. It was such a blessing to meet so many of these men and feel their passion to live and share the gospel. I feel like I received much more than I gave. >
> I also had a chance to learn more about their challenges and take in the teachings. The panel discussions were particularly interesting in which the pastor’s could ask questions that spoke to their greatest needs and concerns. This will help me know how to pray for them in the future. >
> John Harrell

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