Update from Pastor Charles

Pastor Charles is with our team in Naluko. Here is an update from him

Good morning brothers and sisters
I have this wonderful message from Pastor Charles in Uganda and….. Christian I told you that I shared your beautiful sunset pictures with him … I hope you have a wonderful blessed day each and everyone of you
… would you please cover me in prayer as I’m traveling to Mexico.. I’ll be gone 9 days and I’m in the company of my daughter who is not saved and says she’s a good person and believes in Karma…. I would pray that she would encountered the sweet smelling Aroma of Christ and his unfathomable love for her….Erin Colleen😘
The Conference was so refreshing and all Pastors with their wives we so blessed. God anointed our teachers that we did not want them to stop teaching because of the sweetness of God’s word. We are now with the team at CC Naluko for a Medical camp that begins tomorrow. But pray for me as I was attacked by Malaria last night after the arrival to this place.

We look forward to receive our brother James. He is such an incredible lovely brother. Thank you for allowing to leave for these days while ministering in Uganda. Our love to the family and church


Some of the people waiting under a mango tree to be seen.

More than 300 patients were seen today at the medical clinic. The doctors said the people here are really sick and hungry. This was only day one of the outreach.

We shared the Gospel with them and so many people came forward to accept the Lord. These people have everything to lose by accepting Jesus. They will be persecuted by their fellow Muslims and could even be killed. We told them that they did not have to become Christian to get food or medicine that this was being given for free but that Jesus wanted to free them from bondage to sin and death.

Praying with new believers!

We also had a great time of fellowship doing a men’s and women’s study. The ladies are teaching through 1 Peter and the men are teaching through 1 Timothy.

John Harrell teaching in 1 Peter 1.

Keep praying for us. The team is doing great but Dr Dennis and Pastor Charles both have malaria.

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