Update from Denise Harrell

Today we visited Stella Akello. She was living in a hut with her young son, and daughter and granddaughter. She has been given a small area of land to use for growing her own crops on the property where she lives. The owners have shown her kindness. Her husband abandoned her for another woman who has had 5 more children. She has been denied any property by her husband though the tribal council in her husband’s village encouraged him to give her 1/2 of the property. She has already raised five children by him and he also fathered the ones with her now. But he has abandoned her. Stella trusts God for her provision and yesterday someone unexpectedly showed up with clothes and someone else recently brought money to her for which she is thankful. Her life is hard. She worries about her children’s future but is thankful to the Lord that he cares for her. We prayed for her before we left and asked God to continue to show his faithfulness to her and give her joy. I could feel her sorrow and cried with her when we prayed I have never seen this kind of suffering but I know our God is faithful and I have no choice but to trust him to care for her and her own because he is the only one who can help her overcome in her circumstance and sustain her and I know he is good.. “the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and He saves those who are crushed in spirit.” This encounter is expanding my view of God to see Jesus in the face of those who are suffering. He was the suffering servant and bore our sorrows. I know our Great High Priest intercedes for her. And that is a comfort.

Denise Harrell

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