Update from Hanna Kusunoki

|Calvary Chapel Soroti|

Today the team and I got to be a part of the turkey ministry. The turkey ministry is when the church loans one male and one female turkey to a family in the village. When they received the turkeys, they will raise them. Once the female turkey lays eggs, they pay off their loans by giving two young turkeys back to the church. Then the church can give new turkeys to the next people. The team and translators divided into four groups to do the monthly follow up with the people. My parents, two translators and I went to Sarah’s home. The Lord definitely went before us. Sarah was one of our translators sisters. One of Sarah’s prayer request was that God will provide for her and her family. After we finished praying she got a call saying that she got a job that she applied for. Also her husband and her brother-in- law asked Jesus into their hearts. Please continue to pray for them that they will continue to walk with the Lord and keep coming to church.


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