Prayer update from Pastor Dan in Iruma, Japan

Hello Everyone, Thank you for praying. We, as a family, are busy with the end of the school year activities. Rachel graduates HS June 7th. I, Dan, will be leading the PTA this next year and it is a tall order. Why is a CC Pastor doing this. 1. God opened doors and we are being faithful. 2. The Missionary community is a large mix of people from many nations and cultures and many need to be ministered to. I am praying for the school to have a revival. The education of kids is a priority but so many of the families are sending their unsaved kids to CAJ. Also there has been an influx of new local non-Christian families who need the Word of God. I am seeking to use the position as a door whereby I can serve and minister to these lovely people.

As for CC Iruma the Lord continues maintaining the Bible Studies and English classes which is still our ministry here in Iruma. I continue to do outreach to homeless and occasionally out on the streets with my friend Mark. Though I confess it’s been a month since we last went out to preach. Pray we can get back to our routine of sharing our faith with the people of Iruma. We also have a bread donation ministry through Costco where I am able to give bread to four churches and a group of Chinese people. Pray for Mark who has been planting a church of his own just a few miles away. Our kids go to the same school and we see each other at games and do outreach at the train station together. He’s interested to become apart with Calvary Chapel and gain prayer support. He is a Missouri man who married his Japanese wife more than 20 years ago and they live and do ministry as she is a singer all over Japan. They also teach a few Bible studies a week and fill in at churches in the local area. He has not been ordained and I am praying that God will do a work in his heart where we can bring him into the fold.

This week has been summer temps already with a few days hitting into the 90’s. We are supposed to be in a rainy season and it’s coming but we are thankful for the great weather. Yesterday Mihoko and I drove up into the mountains to sight see. It was a relaxing time and then we picked up Nathan from his work. Nathan will be working a little bit at the Christian school as graduation is coming up and they need extra help. It’ll be a little extra income for him. Pray for God to continue to use him. Everything he does is always praised. I am a proud dad. Jane will Join Nathan at his work at the Christian Camp this weekend for training. Pray Jane will listen to her supervisor who will be Nathan. Siblings working together have potential for strife.

Pray for Mihoko’s ministry. In addition to being my translator for Sunday’s and Wednesdays teaching she also has been leading a women’s bible study at the Christian Academy with the Japanese mom’s which has been growing. Many ladies are hungry for the word and a place to share. Pray for her monthly Study at CC Iruma to grow. Mihoko is a great listener. Many ladies just need to unload about ministry and life in general and the Lord has her in a place teaching the Word and ministering to many ladies of different missions, churches, and even a few unsaved. Pray for a few Indian ladies. They are faithful to their gods and their Hindu religion is practiced more fervently than Christians do in the Christian churches here. One lady made a bargain with her god and then when the circumstance came true she was obligated to shave her head as that was the agreement. What a dear sweet soul to be loyal to her god that way. You might be surprised but when these precious ones come to the Savior they are the most adventurous and faithful individuals you can know. So pray for two Indians that are Hindu but they occasionally come to hear the work of God. We’d also appreciate prayer for the Lord’s provision. Sending Rachel to Biola in August is going to be a challenge for us financially.. Please pray we can get her situated with the Health Insurance and get her transferred from the Tokyo Hospital to Cedars Sinai. Pray that the Health Insurance of Biola’s PPO is accepted by Cedars. Pray for the medicine co-pays to not be expensive. Post transplant medication can run into the thousands. Pray we get her set up at Biola and get her the best and cheapest phone plan so she can communicate with us. Pray for her to adjust back into American Culture. It will be a challenge and we are worried about the transition. We want to be there to baby her but she wants to go it alone. Sniff sniff. Thank you all for reading and praying. God is still mightily at work here in Japan.

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