Prayer Requests

Denise Carlsen (Uganda)

  • to stay in Gods will, following the Holy Spirits leading, with supernatural strength, health, wisdom, more peace, more power and more love.

Update from Denise: Thank you so much for being am important part of the team. Thank you for your prayers and your financial blessings. As you can see God is blessing our work, the Holy Spirit is moving in the South Sudan Refugee Camps. Every year God increases the work and the blessings and every year I look at it saying this is impossible. The people all know it is God and that with God all things are possible. We get so many reports from the many Pastors in the Camps that together we have helped. The Church is coming together in unity and God is getting all of the Glory.

Brechtel Family-

  • for the CCSJC team next week. That they’d have safe travels to and from Oaxaca, and that our time together would be super blessed and safe.
  • Continue to pray for a more permanent translator. But we are praising God for providing three rotating translators for us.

Patten Family-

  • We are so thankful to the Lord for strengthening us in our first week in Tbilisi. We just started sleeping through the night.
  • We enjoyed the first Sunday service. I thought Acts 21 in English with translation into Georgian.
  • Pray for the upcoming teachings and for our time of building relationships with the people here.
  • Pray for Marta, she has had some bleeding in her mouth or teeth upon awakening in the morning.

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