Team Oaxaca 06/19

Today we spent time with Jon, Allison, Jonny and Noah. It is a blessing to see how the Lord is working in there lives. Jonny and Noah have grown and have a sweet gentle spirit about them.

We spent the day sightseeing at Monte Alban, “a large pre Colombian site” it is high above the city of Oaxaca with panoramic views and many steps. Let just say I got my cardio in for the year.

We visited Calvary Chapel Oaxaca, Los Flores and Jon and Allison’s house which is attached. We were blessed to be apart of the prayer and worship meeting. We met many of the families who attend church. Obed led worship and Jon lead us in prayer for the church and each other.

The Lord has started a good work here in Oaxaca. He has “perfectly joined together” believers with the same mind, who love the Lord and who’s desire is to worship Him.

> Pray for the men’s, women’s and married couple events this weekend.

> Pray for Jon as he leads the church and for doors to open as the need for a bigger space is needed.

> Pray for Allison as she has started a children’s ministry.


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