Oaxaca Prayer Update from Carol

It’s been a wonderful week here in Oaxaca. It was great to see and hear Pastor Jon teach his sheep from the word of God.

Pastor Jon and Allison have the sweetest congregation. They are all so welcoming and eager to get to know you. This couple has been married 69 years.

It was wonderful to spend the whole week with them from praying together to teaching the women, breaking bread together at the couples dinner, and having fun with their children at VBS.

This has been an amazing team, we have worked hard and laughed hard together. It is always awesome to see how God hand picks the team and brings each ones gifts together to bring glory to His Name. 

Thank you to each one of my team members for all the love that you have poured out this week. Thank you to everyone of you who have prayed for us and asked God to carry us through and most of all Thank you Jesus for the privilege of being used by You. See you soon San Juan!

1. Please pray for one of the ladies that accepted the Lord at the Women’s study, that she would grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.
2. Also pray for the a couple who are very interested in the Lord but have not accepted Him. 3. Pray for Jon and Allison as they continue to shepherd this flock.
4. Pray for the whole Brechtel family as they continue to learn and grow in their new culture.

Love in Christ

Fabian teaching the kids at VBS.
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