Prayer & Update from the Bolingers in Japan!

Thank you all for praying. Praise report as Rachel’s testimony was well received. So many have known us for sometime but have never heard our story. Rachel’s best friend Kachel was able to translate. It was a special time. Pray for the fruit to abound as many were touched by the Lord.

Please pray for me as I am going to take a national Japanese profeciency test. I’ve always wanted to take one. There are 5 levels I’m at the lowest for now. My teacher thinks I could go one higher but I want to take it one step at a time. I just pray for God to call to my memory all that I have studied.

Pray for the Hasegawa family at CCCM. John had a stroke and is recovering. Pray for grace to abound.

Pray for Takeshi whose wife about 3 months ago learned of her stage 4 cancer and it was fast. Pastors Travis and Rich did the service but my heart goes out to Takeshi. He is a very sweet man. They came to visit me when I was in the hospital back in 2011. Pray for Pastor’s Travis and Rich as they personally were involved in Shino and Takeshi’s salvation and growth/

Pray for the work of the Holy Spirit here in Iruma. Pray for an outpouring of His power into the hearts and lives of Japanese people. I need to be constantly surrendering to Him and be humble and subservient.

Thank you!

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