Update and Prayer Requests from Rajiv in Nepal

Weekly Prayer Needs
– pray for this Saturday worship service as I am leading worship and please pray for for healing as I am not feeling well and need to be able to be there for worship!
– keep praying for my dad as he ia not believer, pray that he would listen God’s voice and follow Him
– please pray for me that I would abide in Him daily, humble myself before Him and to people. Also please pray that I would be faithful in whatever I am involved with.
– please pray for me to listen to Him and step out in faith where He leads.

– There are so many things that God is doing in my personal life as well as in ministry that I am involved with. Pray for the coffee shop, that it would be a place to start discipleship as well as providing job for a few people. Pray that it is used for unreached people by reaching them through our action with love. Let God’s will be done.
– I am discipling a couple of youths from my former church, since they are youth leaders now and want to be discipled with me. Please continue to pray for me for the humility and wisdom to guide them to look Jesus more than anything else and also to new believers here in CCKtm too.
– I am also doing my Master in Divinity which will be finished in a couple of years. It’s a non denominational college, teachers are from different countries and the principal of this college is one of the pastors who teaches sound doctrine theologically and practically too.
– I also coordinate the worship team and am leading here in CCKtm
– I am in charge of taking care of the accounts here at church and teach at the Wednesday Mid week service. This Sunday I will also be teaching the main service!

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