Update from Don & Marta Patten

We are enjoying our current adventure in faith here Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. We have been here for almost a month, we are trusting the Lord to continue to direct us and use us for His glory. The Sunday services have been an encouragement as I have been teaching from the Book of Acts and Marta has been helping in leading worship. We are really delighted to learn about the people of Georgia and about the history and the beauty of this country. We have hosted meals for people from the church services. It has been a joy to build relationships here. Tornike and his wife Manana have had us at their apartment for a meal and took us to a picturesque monastery and a historical church. Hospitality is something that most ethnic Georgians value very highly, even believing that God brings guests to them. We are also happy to serve and share adventures with Corrie, a young woman from China. She has a positive outlook and have a history of serving with YWAM. We pray before we go out and often the Lord brings us people to us to share with. Sunday evening we ate food at an Indian restaurant and the owner, George, stopped by and we started talking. George is a born again believer from India and has been looking for a church to attend. We prayed for him and his family and he was touched. We had a young man from Iran named Diako attend the Sunday service. Some of his family are here and they are still muslims, we hope to be able to share with them. We spent time with a team from a “World Race” outreach group, they enjoyed the food that we prepared for them. After lunch we sang praise songs together and prayed together. One day we also volunteered with the team at a local charity where they help people with second hand clothes and hot meals. There are people attending the church who are from Georgia, Tajikistan, USA, China, and Iran. It is a small group of believers but everyone is sincere and likes to encourage each other after the services. We are thankful for our time here, we leave Tbilisi for Israel on August 12 and Pastor Jed and his family will be returning from their time visiting family in the U.S.

We are starting to put the schedule together for the upcoming 3 weeks of eyeglasses distribution in Israel. People we know in Israel are looking forward to seeing us. We actually have had a few opportunities to speak with people from Israel who are touring here in Georgia. I prayed for one family as that we met in a shopping mall, they commented that it was not a coincidence that we met them. They desire to adopt a young girl from Ukraine and I put them in touch with a believer in Kiev who can help them.
Recently we received news from Pastor Sergei in Haifa that he and people from the congregation there had just visited people who were helped to get prescription eyeglasses and 25 people prayed to follow Jesus. We are so excited to be apart of the spiritual fruit in the lives of Holocaust survivors and others who are drawing close to the Lord.

We also want to give God the glory, a family that served with us in the church in Poltava, Ukraine and who are still serving there contacted us recently and said that their daughter Alina had cancer cells in her kidney. The church in Poltava prayed and we prayed also and God healed her to the amazement of the doctors, who were preparing her for surgery. Oksanna her mom communicated with us and had such joy in sharing of God’s faithfulness.

Pray for many to come to the Lord her in the Republic of Georgia. Pray for my times of teaching and for Marta as she leads the worship.
Pray for Jamie, Sunday evening Adrian, who owns the apartment where Jamie lives had to take her to the emergency room.
Jamie suffers with migraines, she is better now but still is weak and in has physical therapy 2 times a week. Pray for Anna, with whom we share about Jesus.
Pray for Diako’s muslim family members to receive Jesus.
Pray for George’s business in Tblisi and his family in India, Joveena, his oldest daughter has a serious infection and rash now.
Pray for the upcoming outreach trip to Israel. We are scheduling the eyeglasses clinics now.

Thank you and many blessing to you,
Don and Marta Patten

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