Pray For Nepal

Pray for Nepal.

The situation for Christians in Nepal has deteriorated this year as the law is used against believers.

Organisations that print Bibles have been closed down.

Orphanages have been forced to close after being accused of converting children to Christianity.

Government has stopped to Re-new all Christian Organizations.

Yet, God continues to move in Nepal, bringing more people to know Him and teaching them to follow Him, no matter the cost.

Pray that Nepalese Christians will not be discouraged by fear but will continually find their hope in the Lord. Pray that justice will be upheld.

2. Pray for me as I am preparing for Teaching this semester in bible college and for School of worship.

3. Pray for the upcoming trip to Swara. The road has been stopped because of heavy rainfall. This time we had heavy rainfall and many people have lost their homes, life… Now there is no harm from rainfall but it had affected a lot.

I have sent some pictures of a week ago.

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