Brechtels Prayer Requests

Jon & Allison Brechtel (Oaxaca, Mexico)-

  • pray for a 2 night biblical counseling conference tonight and tomorrow night. Pastor Mike Vincent and Pastor Fernando from CC Rosarito will be teaching, so please pray for people to be blessed!
  • There are some issues with people on the worship team, so please lift that up in prayer. Pray that one specific couple would stop nit- picking small things. Pray for unity in the group and no competition to be going on.
  • Pray for Obed and Meg. Obed was asked to step down from ministry because of some issues in their marriage. Pray that he will not run from GOD and that he will feel comfortable enough to keep coming to church, whether that be CC Oaxaca or a different church. Pray for his marriage to be restored and that he will be able to return to the ministry.
  • Praise the Lord for the new church building and for those who have helped financially and physically with this huge task. Pray that many will enter through the doors and come to know Jesus. The new church is 2 doors down from the Mormon church, so please pray that those who see CC Oaxaca would see a difference!

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