Prayer for H4A

Sherill Sedillo (Hearts 4 Africa, Naluko, Uganda)

  • We are praising God for His help in working on our NGO and Land title issues. After much uncertainty, we are now close to re-registering the NGO. Thank you Lord.
  • We are thankful for Dr. Patricks change of heart and now we see a way forward. Continue to pray for him and Chero.
  • Pray that people would not wait for the last minute to purchase tickets to our fundraiser and that the fundraiser will be a huge success!
  • Pray that the MOU would be signed quickly so we can move forward.
  • Pray for the NGO director to respond favorably with Dr. Patricks decision to reinstate Sherill as president of the Ugandan NGOWe are planning to go to Naluko in October with our team including CCSJC team mates. While there we intend to work on what we pray are the final touches in getting the doors open.
  • Please pray that the outreach cliic we have converted from a shipping container is given approval for our doctor to work in.
  • Please pray for success in getting the electrical work done so that building will have safe and reliable electrical power.
  • Please pray for the finances of the the team members who are planning on coming.

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