Prayer for the Cate Family

Cate Family (Brazil)

  • Pray for our son, Jeremiah (11 years old). He has hydrocephalus and 2 V.P. shunts in his brain. He has had a total of 4 brain surgeries in his life and 2 of them were last year. Last week his was admitted because of another shunt failure but praise the Lord it was slowly starting to work again. He was discharged and will continue to have appointments and is still showing symptoms which will hopefully get better in time. Pray that we will be able to take him to a neurologist in the US. We are thankful he did not need another risky surgery but are asking for wisdom!
  • Please pray for provision for our furlough to the states. After 12 years one the field we are taking some months off the field to rest, recover and heal. Traveling with ha family off 11 is a lot of detail and expenses! Please pray for these details.
  • Pray for protection and unity for our Bible School students and staff during out time away. Leaving our loved ones in Brazil is y far the most difficult thing about taking a furlough. that the Lord would keep His mighty hand of the school property and people here, pray they would continue to grow in Him and His Word.

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