Prayer Requests from Denise Carlsen

Denise Carlsen (Uganda)-

  • Please pray for the hundreds of thousands of children in the South Sudan Refugee Camps. In fact, pray for all of the Children around the world in refugee camps. Pray for Gods amazing future plans and leading for us.
  • Please pray for provisions for a tall brick wall around my compound.
  • Praise God, keep praying, for more and more muslims to come to Christ
  • Praise God: the youth Bible Camp training’s of the youth leaders is over! It went well! Pray for their fruit and protection while they take the Word to others in the camps!
  • Praise God: We are working on the 3rd water well in the refugee camps right now
  • Praise God as He continues to send food so we can bless the churches and the orphans in the camps. Our small truck with 4WD, necessary in the rain and muddy roads, has come mechanical problems. Please pray for that.

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