Prayer update for Hilda Heindl

Dear Family and Friends,

Today was a busy day with getting Hilda transported to a pre-chemo assessment meeting. Followed by Physical Therapy.

As of this evening, the second chemo is scheduled for 09:00am tomorrow.

The nausea, seems better under control and Hilda ate yesterday pretty good. Then tonight she took a bit of dinner,

My sister Elizabeth had a capital idea yesterday. She said make some home made soup, That is what she did when my Mom was going through her rehabilitation, and it is what Elizabeth still does for her daughter Erika. So with that in mind, I did some shopping last night and made our usual homemade chicken soup in the Instant Pot. I get the benefit of the soup with all the ingredients and Hilda gets the clear broth that she needs. She liked it.

Things I thought I knew and am learning over or differently; Leave room for God to work. Take more breaks. Listening to the Holy Spirit. Trying to get through the whole day and, if I look back, it was a success, God took care of many things. So why do I think I need to push a program? I came back from lunch at Chick Fil A and HIlda was up with the Physical Therapy folks and all done. I didn’t have a chance to try and get her up, or preach at her that the PT is good for her.

Please keep tomorrows chemo in prayer as Hilda is weak. They won’t be hitting her with a full force chemo because that my cause more bad than good. Nevertheless its chemo with what we are calling leaving room for God to work. Some drugs are already in process today

Hilda is sleeping now,

Thank you and God bless you all.

Tony and Hilda

Pastor Gary I KusunokiCalvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano
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San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

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