Update on Hilda Heindl

Dear Family and Friends,

From nausea to not eating.

The nausea is still there from time to time, and I think Hilda will do anything not to throw up, at least that is how she has always been.

So, even though she probably could and should eat and drink more, her mindset is that if there isn’t anything in there, then I won’t throw up. She took some water, yogurt a spoon or so, some pudding, but not near enough,

So this is leaving her weaker, rather than stronger, so please pray for her to be able to overcome this.

I am able to eat pretty well, but also am losing weight. Not that I don’t need to lose weight anyway. It’s partly do to the activity, I think I am doing nothing, but the reality is, I help with bed rotations, running back and forth to the fridge getting whatever I think she might eat. Today I walked to one of her doctors that is nearby, it adds up, only a mile or so. My usual is 4 to 7 miles of walking per day on the job.

Spiritually, studying about the Holy Spirit. The one who is the parakletes, who is ever present, omnipotent and who I need to come along side and help me. The Holy Spirit is the helper. I want to do things in the Spirit.

My Family Leave Act came through. It was approved last week, but I followed up with my employer today and after a while of searching, they found it. Thank you for praying for that.

Tonight they drew some blood for a pre-chemo meeting on Wednesday. Depending on what the results are, the second chemo is scheduled for Thursday Oct 10, Hilda is pretty weak so we will see. They most likely will have to put her in a bed for it, as she won’t be able to be up for the 10 hour infusion, so please pray about this upcoming second chemo. Much appreciated.

Thank you for your prayers for Hilda and me.


Pastor Gary I KusunokiCalvary Chapel San Juan Capistrano
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San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Office: +1(949)443-2572
Website: http://www.calvarysjc.com

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