Uganda Blessings

Greetings from Naluko, Uganda.
Our team had the honor of meeting an entire family with special needs yesterday near the church in Naluko. We were told of this family by Pastor Majok of Calvary Chappel Naluko. The mother is completely blind and lost her husband awhile ago and her daughter and two grandchildren live with her in a small one bedroom house. To add to this, her daughter and both grandchildren are lame. She told us the these diseases run in her family as her parents were disabled also. They were such a sweet family and were so excited to extend a warm welcome and show hospitality to us as we visited them.
We asked if we could share a story with them and they all accepted the invitation. We shared the story of Jesus and his time here on earth, his crucifixtion and his ascension to Heaven. They listened intently and we asked if they would like to receive Christ’s call to join Him in His Heavenly Kingdom. The mother said she had received Christ as her Savior but her daughter said through the interpreter that she would like to. We prayed with her and upon completion her face was filled with joy and her hope was restored. We know that seeds were planted into her grandchildren and many neighbors that were there also listening to the Greatest Story Ever Told.
Thank you all back home for your prayers and support which we really feel. Your prayers are the power supply that feeds this ministry

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