Praise report from Sherill in Uganda

Last night at missions prayer we prayed that all the paperwork for the container that Sherill is sending to Uganda would be cleared. I just got this text from Sherill: Hi, I’m thrilled to report to you that at the same time you were praying for the national drug authority last night to approve ourContinue reading “Praise report from Sherill in Uganda”

Update 3 from Puerto Rico

Wednesday morning after devotional, we headed towards home depot to purchase 25 additional 5 gallon buckets for the sawyer filter sytems.  We then started out to Vega Baja, before reaching the station we had a nice breakfast at a little restaurant named Lemys.  Once at Vega Baja police station we were greeted by officer Luis, whoContinue reading “Update 3 from Puerto Rico”

Prayer requests from CC Managua

Please pray for Bismark. He is seventy years of age in a wheelchair, double amputee who is faithful to always be at church for everything, including out on the streets to evangelize. He is in the hospital with heart trouble. Please pray for Daniel and Laura Ulate. They are new missionaries who arrive tomorrow (Thurs)Continue reading “Prayer requests from CC Managua”