Greece Update 2b from Lauren Williams

“At the refugee center, Jeff and I were welcomed at an Iraqi refugees table after we introduced ourselves. We spent our time with these two misplaced families and through very little English and google translate we were able to learn a bit about them. They have been here for about a year. One of theContinue reading “Greece Update 2b from Lauren Williams”

Urgent prayer request from Denise Carlsen in Uganda

Hi PAstor Gary,As you might already know we have had some evil activity, more than usual in Moyo. Three days ago 4 people I knew, one NGO worker, one boda driver and two Pastors from the camps were brutally murdered. There was also a riot last week where my neighbor a politician was beaten almostContinue reading “Urgent prayer request from Denise Carlsen in Uganda”

Prayer request from Pastor Charles in Uganda

Prayer request: Medical care situation. I thank all who have been praying for the security situation on our border with South Sudan. However, there has been growing conflict at the Border when the South Sudan soldiers intensified their offensive to the rebels. Many of these rebels retreated to our neighborhood which may prompt the SudanContinue reading “Prayer request from Pastor Charles in Uganda”