Ministry Update, Pastor Charles Jjagwe

Dear Brethren, Greetings to you. We thank God for your solidarity and support that is enabling us to hold the banner of Jesus Christ high through the ministries that the Lord has allowed us to serve Him in. His grace has continued to abound, and in moments of despair, He has been our source ofContinue reading “Ministry Update, Pastor Charles Jjagwe”

Updated from Calvary Chapel Midigo, Uganda

Dear Brethren, We continually thank God for the love extended to the community of Midigo through your support. We are amazed of His unconditional love that those who persecute us are shown love by the same people who are persecuted. Indeed the love of Christ is poured into our hearts to love others (Rom.5:5). PleaseContinue reading “Updated from Calvary Chapel Midigo, Uganda”

Update on Jessica and Fabian in Colombia

Jessie’s fever is down to normal now. They are sure that she has dengue because the platelet counts continue to go down. However now that there is no fever risk to the baby has passed,so they are going to send her home and she will need to go in daily for blood work for aContinue reading “Update on Jessica and Fabian in Colombia”

Roper Family – Hamburg, Germany

Greetings CCSJC! Here are some current prayer requests that we have: We are beginning the process of looking for a new meeting location. We need a lot of wisdom and direction in this next step! Our Men and Women discipleship groups start up again this week. We will be finishing the second half of theContinue reading “Roper Family – Hamburg, Germany”

Prayer Update from the Cates in Brazil

We have been super busy here, but that’s a good thing I guess. The water crisis hasn’t been a problem yet for us, it just made our water bill more expensive. It’s mostly up north in São Paulo and Rio that is really bad. I don’t know if you have seen our latest video fromContinue reading “Prayer Update from the Cates in Brazil”