Prayer update from Tony and Hilda

Dear Family and Friends, Hilda has developed thrush. It freaked me out when I first saw her tongue this afternoon, The nurse came checked it and called the doctor who has prescribed an oral wash for this, apparently common malady. One more thing to add to the affliction pile. The wash gets here around midnight.Continue reading “Prayer update from Tony and Hilda”

Prayer update for Hilda Heindl

Hi Gary, here is the update for Hilda today. Dear Friends and Family, Hilda is weakened by all that has happened to her. She is able to take some physical therapy. The hospital has her getting out of bed, standing and doing some Occupational Therapy such as brushing her teeth, combing hair. All with theContinue reading “Prayer update for Hilda Heindl”

Prayer for Hilda Heindl

Hello Facebook Friends and Family, Tomorrow is our 41st wedding anniversary, we hadn’t made any real plans for our anniversary, because of work. And now theres this. We are not complaining because although its not a getaway in some special place, the point is to be together. And that we are. Surrounded by all ofContinue reading “Prayer for Hilda Heindl”

Prayer Requests from the Stuebners & CC Managua, Nicaragua

Cal and Jessie Stuebner Please continue to pray for Jessie’s dad. He has been in the hospital twice within the past week for blood clots. Treatment is difficult due to his myodsyplastic disorder (failure of the bone marrow to make new blood cells). Please pray for Jessie’s Eschatology class discussions and plans to be governedContinue reading “Prayer Requests from the Stuebners & CC Managua, Nicaragua”

Prayer update from Veronica and Elijah in Japan

Hi Everyone, Elijah and I wanted to give you an update since all of you have been part of our journey. We have landed in Osaka, Japan. 3 yr Visa! Abide Calvary Church is a hidden gem! It is located in Southern Osaka also known as Japan’s kitchen. The Pastor finds ways to do outreachContinue reading “Prayer update from Veronica and Elijah in Japan”