Update and Requests from Veronica & Elijah, “Verijah” Sanchez!

We want to give praise to God for allowing our Visas to be approved two days before flying out. We booked our ticket months ago without knowing exactly the time of approval. Prayer request for traveling mercies. We are off to Japan to start our journey, 9 hours of flying. The airline restricted us withContinue reading “Update and Requests from Veronica & Elijah, “Verijah” Sanchez!”

Update from Don & Marta Patten!

Thank you for praying for our time in Israel. We assisted 763 Holocaust survivors and elderly people to receive eyeglasses in 15 days of distribution. Around 33 people prayed to follow Jesus. We are so thankful to see people more receptive to the Lord. Pray for those who made commitments to grow in their faith.Continue reading “Update from Don & Marta Patten!”

Prayer Requests from Denise Carlsen

Denise Carlsen (Uganda)- Please pray for the hundreds of thousands of children in the South Sudan Refugee Camps. In fact, pray for all of the Children around the world in refugee camps. Pray for Gods amazing future plans and leading for us. Please pray for provisions for a tall brick wall around my compound. PraiseContinue reading “Prayer Requests from Denise Carlsen”