Prayer Requests from Denise Carlsen

Denise Carlsen (Uganda)-

  • Please pray for the hundreds of thousands of children in the South Sudan Refugee Camps. In fact, pray for all of the Children around the world in refugee camps. Pray for Gods amazing future plans and leading for us.
  • Please pray for provisions for a tall brick wall around my compound.
  • Praise God, keep praying, for more and more muslims to come to Christ
  • Praise God: the youth Bible Camp training’s of the youth leaders is over! It went well! Pray for their fruit and protection while they take the Word to others in the camps!
  • Praise God: We are working on the 3rd water well in the refugee camps right now
  • Praise God as He continues to send food so we can bless the churches and the orphans in the camps. Our small truck with 4WD, necessary in the rain and muddy roads, has come mechanical problems. Please pray for that.

Prayer for the Brechtel Family

Jon & Allison Brechtel (Oaxaca, Mexico)

  • We have a team of 24 coming tomorrow for 9 days. Please pray for safety as we will mainly be doing construction on the new building.
  • Pray that this trip will be an awesome rip for the team! We are so excited for them to meet the people at CC Oaxaca!
  • Pray that all of the things that need to be done with the building get done quickly and efficiently. We are so excited for this building!

Prayer for the Ives Family

Tim and Priscilla Ives (Chihuahua, Mexico)
Praise Reports
-God continues to bless and move as we prepare to launch the church on October 6th!
-There are about 8 people that God has called to join us in launching the church!
-UACH ministry is going great with English classes, conversation clubs and Bible studies!
-We celebrate our 10th anniversary on September 6th!
Prayer Request
-That God will continue to provide vision and unity for the church plant.
-That the Lord would help us finalize important details of the church such as who exactly is going to join us, what the name of the church will be and which location we will start at.
-That God would help us to continue to maintain deep unity and fellowship between us and Capilla Calvario Chihuahua–the church we are launching out from.
-That God would use this new church to reach university students and families on the north side of Chihuahua with the Gospel.
-For the university ministry that God is continuing to do-that He would open up many doors to share the Gospel with non-Christians and to disciple Christians within the university.
-That God would bless our kids as they transition into a new school.

Prayer for H4A

Sherill Sedillo (Hearts 4 Africa, Naluko, Uganda)

  • We are praising God for His help in working on our NGO and Land title issues. After much uncertainty, we are now close to re-registering the NGO. Thank you Lord.
  • We are thankful for Dr. Patricks change of heart and now we see a way forward. Continue to pray for him and Chero.
  • Pray that people would not wait for the last minute to purchase tickets to our fundraiser and that the fundraiser will be a huge success!
  • Pray that the MOU would be signed quickly so we can move forward.
  • Pray for the NGO director to respond favorably with Dr. Patricks decision to reinstate Sherill as president of the Ugandan NGOWe are planning to go to Naluko in October with our team including CCSJC team mates. While there we intend to work on what we pray are the final touches in getting the doors open.
  • Please pray that the outreach cliic we have converted from a shipping container is given approval for our doctor to work in.
  • Please pray for success in getting the electrical work done so that building will have safe and reliable electrical power.
  • Please pray for the finances of the the team members who are planning on coming.

Prayer for the Cate Family

Cate Family (Brazil)

  • Pray for our son, Jeremiah (11 years old). He has hydrocephalus and 2 V.P. shunts in his brain. He has had a total of 4 brain surgeries in his life and 2 of them were last year. Last week his was admitted because of another shunt failure but praise the Lord it was slowly starting to work again. He was discharged and will continue to have appointments and is still showing symptoms which will hopefully get better in time. Pray that we will be able to take him to a neurologist in the US. We are thankful he did not need another risky surgery but are asking for wisdom!
  • Please pray for provision for our furlough to the states. After 12 years one the field we are taking some months off the field to rest, recover and heal. Traveling with ha family off 11 is a lot of detail and expenses! Please pray for these details.
  • Pray for protection and unity for our Bible School students and staff during out time away. Leaving our loved ones in Brazil is y far the most difficult thing about taking a furlough. that the Lord would keep His mighty hand of the school property and people here, pray they would continue to grow in Him and His Word.