Sanchez Family

Sanchez Family (Osaka, Japan)

  • please pray for housing in Japan. We found an apartment right inside the same building as the church and we are in the process of applying it
  • Also, keep us in prayer for the whole moving process itself. We are traveling with about 7 luggage bags to Japan and are using the transit system to get around.
  • Finally, please pray for the transition of serving the body of Christ at Abide Osaka. Pray that the Lord would guide us on how we should best use our gifts in ministry as a married couple

Brechtels Prayer Requests

Jon & Allison Brechtel (Oaxaca, Mexico)-

  • pray for a 2 night biblical counseling conference tonight and tomorrow night. Pastor Mike Vincent and Pastor Fernando from CC Rosarito will be teaching, so please pray for people to be blessed!
  • There are some issues with people on the worship team, so please lift that up in prayer. Pray that one specific couple would stop nit- picking small things. Pray for unity in the group and no competition to be going on.
  • Pray for Obed and Meg. Obed was asked to step down from ministry because of some issues in their marriage. Pray that he will not run from GOD and that he will feel comfortable enough to keep coming to church, whether that be CC Oaxaca or a different church. Pray for his marriage to be restored and that he will be able to return to the ministry.
  • Praise the Lord for the new church building and for those who have helped financially and physically with this huge task. Pray that many will enter through the doors and come to know Jesus. The new church is 2 doors down from the Mormon church, so please pray that those who see CC Oaxaca would see a difference!

Prayer for Stuebners in Nicaragua

Cal and Jessie Stuebner:

  • Please pray for Jessie as she will be on a leadership retreat this week with some of her students. She would like God’s guidance for two sessions she will be leading, and she also would like for the students to be tremendously impacted by the love of Jesus.
  • Please pray for Cal to have wisdom as he leads and as he teaches through the books of Revelation (on Sundays) and Ecclesiastes (on Wednesdays), and as he makes decisions.
  • As always, please pray for our health and marriage to stay strong. There is still a dengue fever epidemic in the country. Jessie has had students out sick, and there have also been people in the neighborhood who’ve gotten sick.

Calvary Chapel Managua:

  • Please pray for Bismark, one of the older gentlemen in our congregation. He is normally our best evangelist, but he has been struggling with depression and hasn’t wanted to go anywhere the last two weeks.
  • Please pray for Emily, one of our youth who normally sings with our worship team. She has been struggling with her classes, and because her grades dropped, she’s needed to stop working with the worship team for a bit to focus on her studies.
  • Please pray for one of our transformers to be fixed. Our power has been bad for several weeks now, and we keep calling the electric company, but so far nothing has been done.
  • Please pray for our staff members as they adjust to two new large dogs that we adopted from a family that was returning to the States. They are kind of afraid of the dogs (both Rottweilers), which makes accessing the building and the vehicles a little more difficult.
  • As always, please pray for the school to be a place where the love of God shines bright. Also, please pray for Ester, one of our 3rd grade students who might need eye surgery.

Prayer Requests from Cal & Jessie Stuebner

Cal and Jessie Stuebner

  • Please pray for Jessie as she is starting a new school year. Pray especially for God to speak through her Eschatology elective class and her monthly small group. Also, please pray that she will be guided by the Lord as she decides what ministries she wants to be involved in on campus.
  • Please pray for Cal to have wisdom as he teaches through Revelation on Sundays and Ecclesiastes on Wednesdays, and pray that God speaks mightily through him.
  • Please pray for unsaved family members (Cal’s brother and sister-in-law, Jessie’s brother-in-law, and our nephew and two nieces).
  • As always, please pray for our health and marriage to stay strong.

Calvary Chapel Managua

  • Please pray for the school as we enter into the second half of the school year.
  • Please pray for the worship team as some of the youth have heavy schedules in university.
  • Please pray for a new men’s study lead by Mike Booth that meets on alternate Thursdays, that God would use it for spiritual growth.
  • Please pray for Managua (and two other cities) as they are experiencing a dengue fever outbreak. Pray for the family of one boy in particular (named Angel) from our neighborhood who is in the hospital with the hemorrhagic version.
  • Please pray for continued fruit/growth from the recent VBS conducted by a team.

With love in Christ,
Cal and Jessie Stuebner

A Message from Rajiv

The new season of ministry has started!!

There is so much going on here at CC Kathmandu as well as in the bible college. By the grace of God the church is growing spiritually and there are also a few new people in our fellowship. Please continue to pray for all the leaders out here. It is a privilege for me to teach the mid week services and also the main services once every 3 months. Coordinating the worship team is joyful as well as challenging, so please keep me in your prayers to lead with humility and that we would all be unified. We have two new church plants in the East of the Nepal and Mid west of Nepal.

The new semester of bible college has just started and also the school of worship. I have been teaching Biblical counseling to CCBC Nepal and Servanthood to both CCBC Nepal and SOW.
I am translating for Sam (Director of the Bible college) twice a week on the book of Romans, as well as on Redemptive History by Jeff (Missionary to Nepal- American but recently came from China after serving there for about 35 years). I am also discipling students and other youths too.

Please keep us in prayer, it really means a lot to me.
Love to you all.
In Him,